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At the Velvet queen we have thrown out the rule book, we see you as the beautiful queen you are and we are ready to dress you in a way that feels authentically you. We have curated an amazing collection of unique bridalwear that is from some of the most talented designers across the world such as Evie Young, Dando London, Bowen Drydon and Allure Romance. We strongly believe that bridalwear shouldn’t have rules and so we strive to offer something a little different to the average boutique.

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We are proud of being a size inclusive bridal boutique and we stock bridalwear from a size 6 to 28; Because we know there is nothing like trying a dress on that fits, we do our best to have a selection of dresses in most sizes. This doesn’t mean we will have every dress in every size, but it will mean we will have dresses in most sizes. Should we not have your size in a particular dress our stylists are trained with lots of clever tricks to be able to fit dresses to achieve a realistic view even when the gown is too big and sometimes even when it’s a little small.

Our bridalwear is priced between £750 – £3000 with an average price of £1250. Not sure what you are looking for you can check out all our dresses below or if you know what style or designer you are looking for you can check those specific styles out in the menu above. Click on a dress to view the price and size of each dress or filter dresses in your style or budget range to see what we currently have in store.

Please note that stock does change on a regular basis, we do our best to keep our dresses updated but cannot guarantee that styles will always be available in store.