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How to store a wedding dress

Hang your wedding dress on a solid hanger

A wedding dress should be hung on a heavy-duty hanger that will take the weight of your dress. The dress should always be hung directly on the hanger tags inside your dress and not from any straps or sleeves. Fabric stretches and the weight of your dress, if hung on straps, can cause your dress to stretch and warp.

Store your wedding dress in a breathable dress bag

Your dress should be kept in a breathable dress bag, we do not recommend keeping your gown in a plastic dress cover as it can lead to yellowing and moisture being trapped in the dress which can lead to mould.

Store your wedding dress in the right environment

You will want to hang your dress somewhere where it can hang full length to avoid creasing, do not stuff it into a wardrobe where it doesn’t have room to hang and breathe. Avoid storing your dress in extreme environments, you don’t want any where too cold that could lead to damp and you want to avoid direct sunlight. Remember the dress is being stored in a breathable dress bag which means that things can permeate through the bag you will want to keep it away from anything that could be spilt on it, any animal hair as no one wants to get married in a hairy dress and away from strong smells such as smoking or cooking.

Stop trying it on 😊

Don’t be tempted to constantly try on your wedding dress. The more you try on your dress you risk damaging it, getting it dirty or just taking away a little sparkle from wearing it on your big day.

No where to store your wedding dress? Or worried that you don’t have the right environment to store it in? No worries let us store it for you. Our wedding dress storage service is only available for dresses purchased at The Bridal Dressing Rooms. Get in touch for more details.